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About Paul

About Paul, Wirral Music Factory Guitar Tutor about paul About Paul Paul Wirral Music Factory Guitar Tutor 1024x678Paul is a Guitarist and Tutor that has been playing and performing for over 30 years.

Originally self taught, Paul decided to develop his playing furthur and enrolled at Wirral Met College where he was under the guidance of Jazz guitarist, Bernie Crossley. Paul excelled there and gained the grade of Distintion on the Diploma in Light Music and Jazz course as well as gaining a Grade 8 in Music Theory.

Using his time at Wirral Met as a platform Paul then Moved to Leeds where he gained an honours degree in jazz studies from Leeds college of music where he also studied for two years with leading UK Jazz guitarist Mike Walker. Here he also studied advanced Harmonic Techniques, composition and arrangement and acheived a 2:1 in his degree.

Paul has a wealth of knowlege in many musical styles such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Country, Blues to name a few and has performed in venues Nationally and internationally. Paul also has a solid background in recording techniques, production and has composed music for commercial video and short films.

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The Buffalo Riot

Guitar tutor Paul with his band The Buffalo Riot