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About Ava

ava-website  About Ava Ava WebsiteAva is an enthusiastic professional musician who specialises in piano.

Having attended Birkenhead High School, Ava was taught and inspired by the highly accomplished concert pianist Stephanie Howard. At school, Ava was best known for playing in a duo with former principal cellist of NYO Eliza Carew at various events including the Charles’ Scarratt Music Award.

At age 16, Ava won the Rawlinson Trophy for her solo performance of a contemporary latin american piece ‘Danza de la moza donosa’ which led to her GCSE composition based around similar rhythms and tonalities.

Having volunteered with the Junior School Orchestra, Ava has experience with younger students,  encouraging them to improve their skills and help develop their knowledge and interest in playing. Ava is a very calm and patient tutor ideal for students starting out.

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