Drum Lesson 2

My second lesson began with yet more efforts to hold the sticks correctly, but I think I’m getting the hang of this, slowly but surely. My sitting position needed sorting slightly. We began by continuing work on the exercise from last week: this was a bit rusty at first (I didn’t get as much practice in as I would have hoped!), but it improved as I got back into it.

We then attempted the West City Rollin’ song, which contains similar techniques to those in the exercise. It was difficult coordinating everything at first, especially when Matt introduced me to the crash cymbal symbol [haha], but we slowed everything down and worked on playing the song bar-by-bar, repeating determinedly the more difficult passages. After this fine tuning, I attempted the whole song again and the it had a much cleaner flow to it.

Although there are still problems coordinating all of my limbs, I feel drumming is coming much more naturally to me now. The slow practice has certainly helped. I’m nowhere near concert standard yet, but feel like I’m beginning to get the basics, at least.

DSC_0003  Drum Lesson 2 DSC 0003 300x199