My First Drum Lesson

My First Drum Lesson

On Monday I had my first drum lesson shortly after teaching piano to Matt, and I enjoyed it immensely. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A few days ago, entirely by chance, I came across this clip of the virtuoso drummer Buddy Rich, and this really got me in the mood.

What a remarkable, inspiring performance. What I learnt from it was just how much variety you can get out of a drum kit, and how much skill – mental and physical – is required. So, one step at a time – I need to learn the basics before I enter my Grade One.

First Drum Lesson  My First Drum Lesson IMG 3545 1024x768Having the mixed feeling of excitement and fearfulness, I embarked on my first lesson. We began with the drum names. I’ve already got a decent knowledge of percussion instruments, but not the the standard drum kit ones, it seems. But these were easy enough to learn. (It did help that the names were written on some of them!)

Next, we went over how to hold the drumsticks correctly. I found this difficult at first, but I’m sure it’s just a case of it becoming habit. After this, we covered the positioning of my feet on the drum pedals. Again, I had problems with my feet slipping as I pressed the pedals throughout the course of the lesson, but this became more natural as I progressed.

To finish the lesson, Matt gave me some basic exercises to help with coordination and hand-feet synchronisation. I found it a challenge getting my hands and feet working at the same time at first, but this improved once we went through each bar slowly, beat by beat, working first on the more difficult movement combinations. Now I need to practise these exercises ready for next week. I’m excited about the next lesson!