4 things to think about when choosing between electric or acoustic drum kit

Wirral Music Factory Rehearsal Room 4 things to think about when choosing between electric or acoustic drum kit 4 things to think about when choosing between electric or acoustic drum kit DSC09862 1024x681 1024x681 1024x681When you are in the market for a new drum kit and are wondering if you should get an electric or acoustic drum kit. There are a certain things to think about when deciding what to buy. We hope this post 4 things to think about when choosing between electric or acoustic drum kit will help!


One big thing with an acoustic drum kit is there will be a lot of noise! Do you have understanding neighbours? You can limit this noise with silencing pads but this will have an impact on the feel and response of the drums when they are on. Electric drum kits are significantly quieter then acoustic drum kits. You also have the ability to plug into an amp or use headphones depending on your mood. Be aware that Electric drum kits are not silent. You will get noise from hitting the pads as well as the pedals. Try them out before you buy!


Acoustic drum kits are not the smallest of things so think about how much space you have to put them. You will probably need about 6 feet by 4 feet worth of space which is just a bit bigger then a single bed. This is not an exact measurement but a good guide to go off. Electric drum kits take up less room then acoustic drum kits and can often be made smaller when not in use.

3.Feel and playability

(Not sure if playability is a word) There is certainly a difference between playing an acoustic kit and an electric kit and who am I to say which is better. I started with acoustic drum kits so that is what I am used to. I have owned Electric drum kits and I found them to be great as a practice tool, but never wanted to gig with them. That could be down to what electric drum kit I had at the time but I just didn’t feel it would give me what I needed. Electric kits have come a long long way and are continuing to improve all the time but for me at this moment there is no substitute for playing an acoustic kit. I would say go and try one out and see what you think.


It is alway worth thinking about the bigger picture. If you are spending all this money on a drum kit will this investment give you what you need? Do you want to record your drumming? Are you wanting to join a band and gig? Do you just want the drum kit to help you practice? Thinking about what you want to do when you get your drum kit and in the future, should be well thought through.


Ultimately what you decide will depend on your own circumstances. I would say if worries of making to much noise are a concern then an electric drum kit is a good option. Electric drum kits are generally smaller then acoustic drum kits however acoustic drum kits in my opinion feel nicer to play and I get more enjoyment when playing them. However, electric drum kits often have large banks of different drum kits and percussive sounds to play which can be great fun and offer more creatively.

If you are local to Wirral Music Factory you are very welcome to come on over and have a play on one of our acoustic drum kits to get a feel for them and as far as I know the music shop Dawsons often has Electric drum kits set up in store to try out.

Happy Drumming