New Rockschool piano syllabus released September 7th


Rockschools new piano syllabus Rockschool  New Rockschool piano syllabus released September 7th Rockschool 1024x361On Monday September 7th Rockschool will release its latest grade syllabus for Piano with focus on contemporary piano players. Who are Rockschool?

“RSL (Rockschool limited)  brings together the leading names in Contemporary Arts, including Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Performance Arts […]

Drum Lesson 2


My second lesson began with yet more efforts to hold the sticks correctly, but I think I’m getting the hang of this, slowly but surely. My sitting position needed sorting slightly. We began by continuing work on the exercise from last week: this was a bit rusty at first (I didn’t get as much practice […]

Matt and Gary’s Grade 1 Challenge


On Friday I had an idea to challenge Mr Piano (Gary) to a Grade 1-off. The idea is simple: Gary teaches me Grade 1 piano and I teach him Grade 1 drums. We will then enter ourselves for the next available exam and see how we get on.

While we are doing this we will both […]