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Wirral Music Factory Choir

Wirral Music Factory is delighted introduce the Wirral Music Factory Choir.

The Choir will be run by our very own Singing and Piano Tutor Jenny and will be open to students starting at 16 years and over.

The Choir is focusing on Pop and Rock music and will be something to please everybody involved.

To book your place with our Choir click here

Join Choir here
Join Choir here

How much will it cost?

There are currently two pricing options for the Wirral Music Factory Choir. You can pay weekly or you also have the option to buy a block of sessions.

£5 per session

£20 for 5 Sessions (Must be taken in consecutive weeks)

What is a Choir?

A Choir is a group of organised Singers lead by our choirmaster. In the Choir you will learn new songs and how to perform them with your group. This is great fun and will help improve self confidence and performance technique as well as your singing.

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