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Wirral Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet Lessons at Wirral Music Factory

Wirral Music Factory is delighted to now be able to offer Wirral Clarinet Lessons for students, from beginner to advanced.

Who are Clarinet Lessons suitable for?

Wirral Clarinet Lessons are suitable for children and adults alike. We prefer to offer Wirral Clarinet lessons to younger children who are interested in learning Saxophone, as the Saxophone is generally too heavy and unwieldy for them to manage at a young age. It is very easy to transition to Saxophone at a later stage once the child is of a size more capable of being able to utilise it, as they are extremely similar in play style.

About the Clarinet

The Clarinet was invented in Germany at the turn of the 18th century. There are many different members of the Clarinet family, but the Soprano Clarinet is the one which is predominantly referred to as “The Clarinet” in terms of Clarinet music and learning. The Soprano Clarinet has a range of four octaves. Clarinets have a single reed mouthpiece, and are formed from a straight cylindrical tube with a flared end. Clarinets are used in Classical and Jazz ensembles, as part of the Woodwind section of an Orchestra, or can be played as a solo instrument.

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What can I expect from a Clarinet Lesson?

Wirral Music Factory tailors the Wirral Clarinet lessons we offer to the ability and interests of the student, with the aim of helping you develop your personal sound. We work with you to teach you the skills you need to master your instrument at a pace that suits you and offer training for graded exams if you wish to take your learning into gaining qualifications as you become increasingly proficient. The lessons will be organized into four areas, Tone Production, Technique, Rehearsal and Recital and Improvisation. You will also learn to read music and about basic music theory, should you require it.

Where are the Clarinet Lessons held?

All Clarinet Lessons are held at the Wirral Music Factory secret bunker.

Individual Or Group Clarinet Lessons?

We offer both group or one-to-one sessions, so if you are nervous about learning solo and want to bring a friend along too, that’s ok! We can accommodate up to four students for a group session, or you may prefer the more specialised training that individual tutoring offers. We aim to give you the Clarinet lessons that YOU want to learn.

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Clarinet Grade Lessons

For those wishing to turn their newly learnt skills into recognised music qualifications, we offer tutoring and support towards Graded Examinations. Your tutor will be able to advise you of the required standard for each Grade you undertake and will ensure that you have your best chance of success.

  • Our Prices

  • Taster Lesson

  • £7.50

    30 minutes/1st lesson only

  • x5 30 Minutes

  • £67

    Five 30-minute lessons

  • x5 60 Minutes

  • £123

    Five 60-minute lessons