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Wirral Music Theory Classes

Wirral Music Factory now provides music theory classes up to Grade 5 standard, with plans to expand this to Grade 8 level in future. There are two types of theory classes currently on offer: Beginner Music Theory (a single hour-long one-to-one session), and Basic Music Theory (I) (a group class session for an hour, running once weekly for twelve weeks).

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Who takes theory classes?

Wirral Music Theory Class wirral music theory class Wirral Music Theory Class photodune 6089959 sheet music and pen sThese classes can are designed for students of all ages who need to pass theory exams as part of their instrumental grades. They are also great for those who need theory qualifications before entering school, college or university. The classes are ideal for people who are simply enthusiasts; those who want to know more about the workings of music.

NOTE: You will not get a qualification from this course. Students must take exam at external location.

Do I need to be able to read music or play an instrument before I start the classes?

You don’t need to have even touched an instrument to learn about music theory. The Beginner Music Theory course assumes you know nothing about how music works, and will therefore explain

In order to embark on the Basic Music Theory course, we ask that you first take the Beginner Music Theory class. Or if you already know the basics, we will ask you to complete a short two-minute test.

What will the courses cover?

Beginner Music course

In the Beginner Music course, you will learn about rhythm and note names (using a piano as guidance). Simple terminology will be covered, and dynamics discussed (how loud you play). You will learn what a bar is, and recognising if a bar contains three or four counts (beats).

Basic Music Theory course

In the Basic Music Theory course, you will learn about the construction of the musical scale, intervals (tone, semitones etc.), metre (3/4, 4/4, 6/8 etc.), major and minor triads, chords, and cadences, among other things. The course will have regular recap points to check you have understood everything along the way, and a test at the end, designed to flag up your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to focus on when studying further.

What does it cost?

There are 12 weekly classes lasting an hour each and a couple of ways to pay.

Full 12 week course = £90

6 weeks =£45


Early booking discount £80 for all 12 classes. Offer ends Saturday 15th May.

Please be aware that a small charge does apply for card and online bookings.

When do they start?

The Theory classes start on Saturday 4th June at 11am at Wirral Music Factory HQ.