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Wirral Singing Lessons

What will I learn?

As with all lessons at Wirral Music Factory, Wirral singing lessons are tailored to each individual student. What you learn during your singing lessons is completely your choice. If you don’t know what you want to learn, that’s no problem as we can advise on areas in singing that might benefit you, including:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Voice control
  • Reading music
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Phrasing and expression
  • Performing your favourite songs

Whatever you are looking to achieve, our tutors will help you achieve it.

How long do the singing lessons last?

The length of Wirral singing lessons varies between 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes. If you are unsure on how long your singing lessons should be, our teacher will help to advise on what will benefit you the most.

I’m really nervous!

If you are wondering whether you’ll enjoy Wirral Singing lessons, you feel nervous, or you are just not sure if having singing lessons will help to improve your voice, then try a lesson for half price. We offer a first 30-minute singing lesson for £7. The Singing lessons are 1-to-1, so it will just be you and the tutor. This is a great way to see if  Wirral singing lessons are right for you.

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Singing Lessons

Wirral Music Factory now offers one to one singing lessons in Wirral to students of all ages and levels of ability. Students studying will benefit from the vast experience of our great singing teachers/vocalists.

Who are Singing Lessons for?

We have students of all ages and abilities that have singing lessons at Wirral Music Factory. Students ranges of experience go from singing beginners to experienced singing performers that are looking at developing. Whatever you are wanting to gain from singing lessons, Wirral Music Factory can help.

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Where are the singing lessons?

Singing Lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory in one of our professional teaching studios. We have all the equipment needed to ensure you get the very best tuition around. We believe we offer great Singing lessons and we can help you achieve all your goals, whatever they are.

  • Our Prices

  • Taster Lesson

  • £7.50

    30 minutes/1st lesson only

  • x5 30 Minutes

  • £67

    Five 30-minute lessons

  • x5 60 Minutes

  • £123

    Five 60-minute lessons