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Wirral Trombone Lessons

Wirral Music Factory offers Trombone lessons to students in and around Wirral. The Trombone lessons are taught by Sheri who has vast experience performing and teaching Trombone lessons around the world.

What will I learn in Trombone lessons?

The Wirral Trombone lessons are student focused and led. This means that you can learn whatever you want to. When you start with Trombone lessons you will meet with Sheri and discuss what your aims are with your Trombone lessons and then she will help you towards achieving your goals. During your Trombone lessons, Sheri will give you exercises and techniques to help you. If you wish to take graded exams in Trombone you can work towards these in your Trombone lessons.

How long to Trombone lessons last?

Wirral Trombone Lessons last for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We offer an introduction taster Trombone lesson for half price that lasts for 30 minutes. The taster Trombone lesson is a great way to see if  Trombone lessons at Wirral Music Factory are for you.

Do I need my own Trombone for Lessons?

Yes. Currently, we do not have any spare Trombone at Wirral Music Factory for students to use in their lessons. Also from a hygiene point, we would not recommend sharing a mouth piece.

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Try a 30 minute taster Trombone lesson

You can try one of our Trombone lessons for half price (£7). The Trombone taster lesson lasts for 30 minutes which is great to meet with your tutor and see if you enjoy the Trombone lessons and then go from there.

Where are the Trombone lessons taught?

All our Trombone lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory HQ